John T. Strohecker, CTFA

John Strohecker will meet personally with all parties to develop a strategy for correctly administering the Trust focusing on framing our decisions based upon the Grantor's intent


Investment planning will utilize existing professionals or selected Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) or Certified Financial Planners (CFP).  As part of our on-going administration we utilize Hidden Levers, an independent portfolio stress test analysis



Utilizing the Trust Agreement, grantors intent, and state statutes we will guide and provide support to beneficiaries named within the governing document.


Business Consulting


  • Administer & Manage Trust and Conservatorship Accounts
  • Establish, Execute & Monitor Investment Objectives for the account and assets
  • Utilize the Hidden Levers platform to perform annual portfolio stress testing
  • Conduct Sale of Assets
  • Coordinate tax return preparation
  • Maintain physical and electronic records
  • Quarterly reports to qualified beneficiaries and professionals supplementing    independent investment account statements.