Business Consulting


Trust professionals providing client guidance on investment policy, portfolio implementation, Hidden Levers portfolio stress testing, wealth transfer strategies, charitable efforts, real estate activities, family governance, and legacy planning.

  • Personal Representative
    ​After appointment by the court I act to gather the assets, identify creditors, communicate with all beneficiaries of the estate, and report to the court as required to expeditiously conclude the probate process and distribute funds and assets as required
  • Trustee

         Act in the capacity as a Trustee for an Irrevocable or revocable living trust providing oversight of the assets and providing distributions as allowed within the Trust Agreement

  • Conservator
      Act as a court appointed protector to manage the financial affairs of another person due to physical or mental limitations due to age or disability. The conservator is required to make regular accountings which must be approved by the court.
  • Co-Trustee
      Provide administrative expertise and asset oversight to the named family co-trustees focusing on transparent communications to all qualified beneficiaries with clear and timely asset and activity reporting.
  • Agent for the Trustee
    Perform assigned tasks including investment & asset management, fiduciary reporting to the beneficiaries, and assistance in adhering to state statutes governing trust administration.